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Inspiron 5150



Just wondering if anyone has this computer. I recieved one I bought last week. Its specs are below. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on it. Is the graphics card any good or have the experienced any problems etc... Thanks.

P4 mobile 3.06ghz
30Gb HD
64mb ATI Radeon mobility 9000
Dvd cd-rw
15 UXGA Screen
512mb 333mhz Ram
Windows XP Service pack 1
I'd say it's a pretty good price for the things that are in it. Today's games should run perfectly on it, even with all the options on!

You might not be able to run the fancy-pants shaders from Doom III or Half Life 2, but they will run smoothly on your computer when turned off.

The Mobility 9600 packs a much bigger punch and is upgradeable--the only problem is that laptops with them are scarce and expensive. They probably won't be in common use at least until Christmas.


Thanks HandyBuddy. Can the graphics card in the inspiron 5150 be upgraded to a newer model?
Unfortunately, the 5150's graphics aren't capable of upgrade:( The 9600 is the first user-ugradeable graphics chip ever, at least in recent memory.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by HandyBuddy
The 9600 is the first user-ugradeable graphics chip ever, at least in recent memory.
really? they made it so you can remove the graphics adapter and replace it with another (say, future mobility 9800 :D) yourself?
It's a bit cryptic at this stage but you can check out the ATI "Flexfit" definition in the buzzword glossary. It basically states that similar mobile products will use the same drivers and same pin arrangement for future-proofing.

Finally someone is trying to change things! Laptop technology needs a serious overhaul. Laptop manufacturers honestly haven't changed much about their design in the last five years. I mean, the things still come with those impossible-to-use touchpads. Geez!



Actually I think the touch pads are very easy to use. Although I've been using laptops for three years now. I just hate the push sticks but they've removed that from the 5150. Anyone else got anything to say about the 5150. I'm going to test the battery life while watching and not watching a dvd later today so I'll post the results here tomorrow.
If the 5150 has the same touchpad as the 5100 (Synaptics), you're going to love using it. It's got a whole bunch of great features like virtual scrolling, tap zones, etc. :D
I have one as well, just with a 60gb hard drive instead of 30. Nice laptop indeed. My only problem with it is there are no 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 resolutions.


Just saw a posting on cnet that i agree with which was that the delete key is way to close (beside it in fact) to the left cursor key. I've come close to deleting a few important things but thank god for delete confirmation messages


The battery allowed me to watch the whole lord of the rings the fellowship of the rings on windvd 5 platinum and still had enough left in it to listen to 32 minutes of music on the hard drive before critical warnings started popping up. Without watching the dvd the battery lasted 3hrs 28 minutes just doing some general work on word, excel and powerpoint. Not bad at all. Anyone know what the pentium m and centrino battery lifes are like?

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