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Information regarding the Windows XP Keygen



I have found this keygen you all are talking about quite easily. I let it search all night and it found 7 VALID keygens. the search was for WinXP Corp. all of these seemed to work flawlessly. i then did a search for Office XP Pro. and it worked, yes it did. but....when i was required to do an activation on the product it said it had already been activated by some other user/product. and i only had 48 executions remaining (i had opened the program twice) This brings me to the conclusion that the keygen is nothing more than a regular that just takes a long time to find one. which tricks you into beleiving it is actually creating a valid serial for you. some things are too good to be true.


This came from an NFO I got from a working XP CD key Changer so I can change it from the FCK... key to a valid unique key and install

Windows XP CD Key Changer

Little thingy to change your cd-key without reinstalling xp
just in case you want to try and get around the new sp1 bits by not using the fck... one that everyone has.

Just run XP CD Key Changer - it'll tell you what to do


I attached a screenshot of the program but cannot tell you where to get it or i;d get into twubble :D


First of all. if i wanted to change my key i'd just do it from the registry, intead of searching all over gods green earth for that key changer. the keygen is probably easier to find than that. i do have a question though. what's up with the FCKGW-XXXXX key? i got the keygen and used one of those. but is there any way microsoft can get u if you have that key? which should i use. the keygen one or devilsown release?

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