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Info needed Regarding CD Duplicator

HI guys Long time since I posted but now need a bit of info, I have a CD 1-7 duplicator that I use to use a while back, It's been In the wardrobe for about 2 years, my question is, would it be possible to change the drives in it to DVD to make it a DVD duplicator.
I'm not sure what the internal buffer is that is built in lost the paperwork a while ago.
So I thought one of you guys would be able to answer my question before I go and buy 7 DVDRW drives to put in it.

Thanks in advance for any of you tech minded peeps

Or does anyone know where I can buy just the control unit at the right price must be 1-7 dvd, and UK dont want to spend the extra buying the case etc as I already have one that should do the job
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I would think no, mostly because the software wouldn't be able to handle it.

If you can get a software update maybe, but I would guess a new unit would have to be purchased.

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