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Individual Screen Resolutions...



I would like to know if you are able have seperate screen resolutions for profiles in WinXP Pro. My dad likes 800x600 and I like 1280x1024, and I would like to know if we could have those desired screen resolutions on our profiles.

Thanks for the advice in advance.


no you can't, you could however have different wallpapers, themes, appearence, screen saver, default printers, and where you icons and start menu appear MS Office Shortcut bar (If you use it) and what programs are visible from the start/programs menu.
Yes because XP is like 2000 based on NT. These systems are intended (except XP Home) for large networks where the profiles are stored centrally. This means that if the resolution was bound to the user instead of the local computer, a user could log in on a computer with a crappy monitor and get a blank or "out of sync" picture becase his profile had a too high resolution. (damn that sentance was long *pheu*)

Thus the resolution is set on a system, not in a profile. It sucks in your case but that's the way it is.

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Right, I understand what your'e saying, but because as you say, xp home is not designed for corporate networks, does this apply here as well ?


hrmm... well, xp home and pro are one and the same really, pro includes more networking support, and remote login.. thats about it... don't even know why m$ did that to tell you the truth...

as far as resolution per account.. probably not, there might be a tweak you can load at your startup for your account that could change it. I have an app at home that might, I can't remember what it is tho (at work now) - i will look tomorrow and let you know


XP is built on NT technology, which means, as Zedric said, the portion of Resolution is part of the video driver which is controlled by the system portion of the OS not the user portion of the OS this is what makes the OS more reliable and stable than the previous versions of MS OS like 95/98/Me. XP home and pro are both built on NT technology, major differences are the support for multiple processor and it also allows you to be part of a Domain or Active Directory both options only available in pro. These are only some of the differences.


the tweak proggy is called PowerStrip - i dunno if you can set it to load a specific reso on startup.. if you want, send me your email and i will send you a copy of what i have....

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