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indexed images in ps7 and stylebuilder




I am working on my own theme and im having trouble getting the colors i want.

it seems that when i open a bitmap from stylebuilder into photoshop 7 it opens up as an indexed bitmap. Since i cant do anything i want with indexed, i changed it to rgb, but when i save it after i'm done, stylebuilder sees it as a grayscale image.

any ideas? if i need to convert it back to indexed, what settings should i use?

thanks in advance for any help you all can give me.

grand mufti

hey man i have the same prob and i asked this question like a month or 3 ago heres how i got around it

1. when you have the bitmap open in adobe and you go to save it back to style builder do this FILE>SAVE AS then save in the stylebuilder file ( the one with all the bitmaps ) and then over right when asked that should work for you

OR when startin a new style in stylebuilder you get 3 colors right you can just use the silver one and when you open the bitmaps fron that style for some reason they open as bitmaps dont know y they open as indexed when usein the blue luna style but thats how i got around it but then i found out that the silver and the green style dosent use pngs for the caption buttons so then your screwed another way lol

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