incredibly slow shutdown-restart



it takes 7 mins to shutdown and reboot why?

it was ok untill i had to send my geforce 2 mx 400 away for repair. when it came back and i put it in it just makes it all so slow. anyone got any ideas what i can do. is there a fix
got all the up to date ones just done that two days ago no difference :(
Never heard about FORMAT C: ???? I think it's the only way...
format c: mmmmmmmmmm nope it dont work and anyway its not an answer. ill try the changing to 3 secs thing though thanks
dont format yet

go into adminstrative services and completly disable the nvidia driver helper service. that should help although 7 min is a long time.....;)
Slow shut down

Before you go through a bid deal - check this:
If you have a Nvidia card - go to services and disable nivida driver helper - this will kill ~20-30sec off you shut down time. If you don't have an Nvidia card then the previous advise may help.

Sorry didn't read all the posts - driver helper mentioned before, sorry.

whats weird is, my buddy has an ati card but he still has the nvidia driver helper service, mabey its a component of xp?
he has nver had an nvidia card.:p

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