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Incredibly slow boot up: Any ideas? Errors inside


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey all,

Now I am experiencing this incredibly slow bootup. In my startup folder, I only have two things that want to start: Getright Tray Icon, as well as my popup connection dialogue for my Dialup Connection. What happens is I turn on the computer, everything will load fast as anything, Getright will load and finish, but the dialup connection won't load. During this time, I can't use the start-menu or hardly anything else, not even anything in the task bar.

After a few minutes, the connection dialogue will load and I will have full use of my computer again. Windows is becomming very annoying because I can't shut down fast, and now I can't boot up fast. Wasn't that one of the whole points for Windows XP?

The only other thing I can think that may be causing this problem is the fact that since I went through that Services guide and disabled what needed to be, they're reporting all the errors and it's taking them awhile to complete. There are a lot of errors in my error log. I believed I disabled the error thingies before, and the boot was fine... but I must have forgotten to disable a service or something.

Any suggestions?


Have you disabled the Workstation Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service? If not, try doing so.


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey man,

Workstation was already enabled, but the Background Intelligent Transfer Service was disabled... I re-enabled it and I still have the problems, so no luck. Here are the errors I'm getting:

I did re-enabled the Volume Shadow thingy, but still no luck. Any ideas?


Somewhat eXPerienced
My apologies Allan, I misread your post.

Thanks a bunch though! That was the problem, both have been disabled and now the bootup time is appropriate. =) What does disabling those services do?

Now, if only you could help me with my userenv slow bootdown process. =)


The workstation service configures your machine to be a client in a client server environment. Setting up those protocols takes time.

BITS sets up the protocols necessary to use idle bandwidth at bootup. This is the least likely cause for a boot delay - it's usually the Workstation Service.

Tell me about the shutdown problem.


Somewhat eXPerienced
Ok, I am going to post it here and send you a PM.

Well the problem I am having with shutdown is I am getting these two errors, involving Userenv. The shut down, you click shut down it cuts straight back out to the desktop, you can't do anything but you're at the desktop moving around the mouse. You're basically stuck. Then after about 4 minutes, the shut down process initializes. Here are the errors:


This occurs everytime. I have discovered that the process stops when I disable the PnP Service... which I need to run everything. My belief is that the PnP Service stops the thing that is running that prevents me from unloading the registry. Any ideas?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Btw, will any of those services I disabled make it so that I can't use my cable internet? Right now I'm on Dialup, and I will be getting cable internet service within the next few days...



No, they will have no effect on a stand-alone system. But if you are on a network and you want to share files the workstation service would be required.

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