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Increasing Max Port Speed (Plz Help!!)



Ok here goes...

I have cable on 2 comps and the other one is dialup for now until i can run a network cable to it. Anyways, i tweaked as much as i could. But then i found out it was possible to increase the max port speed from 115200 to 921600 in the modem properties panel. It involved entering 2 things into the properties dword in the registry under the modem. So i did that, but then when i try to switch the speed it comes up with an error that it can't find the modem, but this tweak worked fine in win98SE. Someone said u have to patch the serial.vxd file first so that the port speed will increase or something.... sorry i'm kinda lost. Plz help if u can.
I'm not sure about the tweak in mention...but on dialup increasing the port speed that high would normally cause nothing but trouble. it won't really speed up your connection by any noticeable amount.

Dirk Diggler

Is this the tweak your talking about?
Borrowed from Axcel216
This tweak applies also to 56K/ISDN modems connected to internal ISA (PnP)
serial I/O add-on cards equiped with faster UARTs: 16650 or 16750, designed to
transfer data between the COM port and the modem up to 921200 bps. Wow! This
makes regular ISDN look like a slow poke. :)
But this canNOT be usually achieved without a Registry tweak, because the
maximum transfer speed (default) allowed by Windows 9x is 115200 bps, enabled
from: Control Panel -> Modems -> Your Modem Name -> Properties -> General tab
-> Maximum speed -> 115200 -> OK -> OK.
To enable and use this higher speed, run Regedit and go to:
Note that your modem might be installed under the 0001, 0002 etc keys, not
necessarily under 0000. Highlight the appropriate one. In the right hand pane
double-click the "Properties" Binary value. You'll notice that the 7th up to
the 10th digits on the 4th row (the one that begins with 0018) show C2 01 (or
84 03), which corresponds to a maximum connection speed of 115200 (or lower)
bps. Highlight and replace them with 10 0E to bump it up to 921200.
Geek speak: replace the 24th up to the 27th byte (0x18h) as shown above.
Do NOT change anything else there! Click OK when done.
For convenience you can use the REG file below to do this without having to
alter the Binary value. Just make sure the modem key matches the one in your
Registry (replace 0000 with 0001 or 0002 etc if necessary):
-----Begin cut & paste here-----


------End cut & paste here------
Paste these lines into Notepad (the empty line at the end is necessary!) and
save the file as 921200.REG. Then (double)-click on it in Explorer or File
Manager to merge it into your Registry.
Now if you open Control Panel -> Modems... and follow the same steps above,
you can see that 3 new settings are available: 230400, 460800 and 921600.
Reset your modem's "Maximum speed" to one of these new values (some
experimenting might be necessary depending on your hardware specs), save your
changes, and finally, connect to the Internet as usual. I'm sure you'll notice
the speed boost. :)
If you try this on slower internal 56K modems, your connection may lock up,
and/or experience various errors while using any communications apps or the
Internet, which may also occur if your external modem doesn't have a fast CPU
(25 MHz or above). If that is the case, reset the "Maximum speed" (see above)
back to 115200.


No u can't get anywhere near cable speeds with dialup, that's why i have cable on all my other comps. I'm just to lazy to run a network line to this one right now. Also, yep that's the tweak i was talking about, only prob is it worked in windows98SE but it won't work in windowsXP, for some odd reason whenever i go over 115200 it won't detect the modem. It either won't connect or if i try to query the modem in the modem properties panel it comes up with an error (as shown in pic). I don't get why it used to work on an older mobo with win98SE and won't work on a brand new setup with XP. I hear also that u might have to patch "serial.vxd" before it will work. So if anyone knows how to do that, or what to do plz lemme know. Thx.
i ony EVER connect at 44kbps it never moves up or down
i even called my isp to increase line gain still no increase or decrese
do u think this will speed up my connection a bit?

Dirk Diggler

If you don't try it you'll never know. Just backup the Key you are going to change then import the reg file 921200.reg into the registry. If for some bizarre reason it slows you down just import the backup.

The reason its called 921200.reg instead of 921600.reg is that its just a typing error by Axcel :D

Dirk Diggler

Well I live in England and as far as the Internet goes, England is almost third world.
I am also using AOL, and according to most people it is one of the worst ISP's in the world and yet I can always get online at 50kbps.
On M.E. I was always able to get online at 52kbps, so much for progress.
i would use aol but

A)im to lazy

b)couldnt be assed

c)if i hear that woman speak i would shove my foot so far up my computers ass it would bleed.......ahem

im on bt :( absolute sh*te, they refuse to buy modems at their end
they just sit there laughing at me with my sh*tty connection speed aghhhhhhh

Dirk Diggler

AOL 7.0 has a man welcoming you to AOL.
Actually its not so much a "Welcome to AOL" its more like "Bloody-hell, not you again"



I too am on a junky 56k and would like to try this tweak but when I got to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic
es\ I can not find a Class\Modem\0000 from there I must be looking in the wrong place or someting someone plz help.



Can someone help me with getting the speed faster, even when i go to com ports in hardware it won't go any higher than 128000. Why is this? is it something in XP because all the other windows os's i used went to 921600. any help plz!!

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