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Incorrect Time


How many of the USA members have noticed that the time is incorrect at the bottom of the pages????

as an example - "All times are GMT -6 hours. The time now is 13:52"

This is for the Central Time Zone - but the actual time is only 12:52!!

If you check it out - you'll find it is one hour fast!

Now I guess some of you wonder why this is - and this would be a good trivia question!

Since I think I know the answer - someone hurry it up and tell me if I am correct!

Any ideas????

PS Actually, anyone who is not on GMT should be an hour off - either fast or slow depending on which way your time zone works in relationship to GMT!


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Also, in the States we observe daylight savings a good couple of weeks behind those in the rest of the world who do. To make it all the more complicated, in many countries (Australia, for example) daylight savings is only observed in certain states/territories.


Incorrect time.

I should imagine that it is due to the time zone difference across the USA, ie: 3 hrs from east to west.


Well, there's a lot of ideas out there and it does in fact have to do with different time zones and the changing of the clocks.

Kerrie - I am surprised you did not get it - since Great Britain just went on British Summer Time this past Sunday.

GMT never changes and never goes on "Daylight Saving Time" or "British Summer Time" or "Australian Whatever Time".

So how did it get off an hour???

My thought is that this sites' server's clock automatically changed to British Summer Time this past Sunday - which now makes British Summer Time and my Central Standard Time 7 hours different instead of six. Thus, the site's time is ahead of GMT by one hour!

Not to fret Waddy - everthing will be okay "in the colonies" come Sunday morning when "MOST" of the United States "springs foward" one hour and goes on Daylight Savings Time!

Thanx to all that responded!


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now i'm really p!ssed, not only am i standing on my head but some one pinched an hour from me and won't give it back until all you "top worlders" return to normal time programing.

oh well i still got my bourbon to feed on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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