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In reply to "Experts say software is not user friendly"

This thread is regarding the news story on the front page talking about software not being "user friendly." I would have to disagree. I am so fed up with people that have this kind of mentality. The problem is that software is TOO user friendly. Am I right? Doesn't anyone agree? People want everything entirely too easy. Technology advances yet people get dumber. There are still people out there that can't even program a VCR and you expect them to know how to run Word, Excel or heaven forbid, Access. Don't get me wrong, I love XP, but it's "Tellitubby" interface and "ease of use" is rather annoying. In making everything easier for the idiots of the world they have made it more of a nucence for those of us who know what we are doing. Maybe I am old-fashioned. Have you seen the screenshots for Longhorn!? OMG! How could they possibly make Windows easier!?! Well, they will attemp to. While your at it why not make toilets that wipe your @ss for you, or cars that turn your turn signals on for you when you want to turn. COME ON! I have to spend 30 minutes after every install disabling all the "user friendly" add-ins of most programs. Well, I guess that's why I still have a job. I would like to know what everyone else thinks...


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
In making everything easier for the idiots of the world they have made it more of a nucence for those of us who know what we are doing.
Now there's a statement that's gonna start a flame war :rolleyes:

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LOLOL I think that by default there should not be as many damn crappy apps that try and rule my puter ... but yes they should be in place if the idiots that need them ...... I find that overall they need to make things as easy as possible for anyone who is a potential client but not make it so ie: when you open your email some damn stupid messenger program keeps popping up ...... I mean if I want that program to open I am able to do that without them "helping" me LOL ....... :eek:

Shamus MacNoob

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thank you for the response to my RANT!! lol but yes what i did was rename the folder to windows messengeroff but I noticed while just putzin around that it is a very persitent little app LOL and I found the best way was using a little program I like very much called powerup XP from ashampoo ... what a great little program with all kinds of nice tweaks one being to disable that messenger 100% when you open outlook, and lots of others like boosting the icon cache as high as 8000 icons and all kinds of goodies ........


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If you have a problem with Windows XP being too easy (or even having apps takeover your box) just install FreeBSD. :p :D


must agree with you Un4gIvEn1

i earn alot of tax-free dollars fixing other ppl's PC's because they think its all to complicated ...if they have kids in the 10-16 age range you can guaruntee a return call in a few months cuz if they see it they install it

my wife is really enjoying the new treadmill i bought her :)
To keep Windows Messenger from running you could also run "gpedit.msc" from the RUN command. (Windows XP Professional ONLY). Select "Computer Configuration", "Administrative Templates", "Windows Components", "Windows Messenger" and change "Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run" to "Enabled"
Burpster: You are right. Heck, you might even see it before the week is over! Believe me. I have seen PCs hours after they have gone home because someone installed something without thinking. Guess that's why they pay me the BIG bucks (HA.. yeah right).


i do it as a hobby ...i dont do it for free anymore tho ..i go rite to their house fix it there if i can ...if i cant solve the problem i charge nothing :)

love those youngsters :)

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Calling a person an idiot just because he cant control a PC like you can is not only wrong but also dumb.

More then that, people who use a computer for work and are not working in the computer field (Doctors for example) have no need for the PC to be something so sophisticated that it will take programing skills to work , what they do need is a tool that will preform operations as fast and easy as possible , and we haven't reached that point yet.

and to be honest , if someone will invent a toilet that will wipe my rear, i wont mind.
"Calling a person an idiot just because he cant control a PC like you can is not only wrong but also dumb"

Calling me "dumb" because you ARE that idiot is not only wrong, but unintelligent!

"what they do need is a tool that will preform operations as fast and easy as possible"

OMG! If it isn't easy enough already then I don't know what to tell you. Sure, a car that drives itself would be nice... but at what point does it become too much? I don't mean to offend anyone directly but, If you can't speak Spanish then don't move to Mexico! Get the point? And if you aren't willing to learn then you are lazy. It's amazing that some people even know how to use a TV remote.


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I'm telling you they have toilets in japan that do that!!! They have some in good hotels that flush when u walk away from them to!! some kinda heat sensor or something I dunno. and if u think XP is WAY to easy move to linux u hardcore l33t haxor I know my way around windows and I get on a linux machine and I'm like ummm.... I get on the net how???? I change the desktop how?? gezz I can't even get aim going. Most ppl don't even know you can bind keys to open programs, I also have a friend who is a doctor who went to irvine ucdavis and mit, sit him at a computer and hes like huh?? whats this thing do. but have him take an IQ test and he would school your ass in IQ and yet u think hes an idiot???? I don't understand your logic it seems to be faulty.
You have to draw the line somewhere. You want ease of use? Then you have to give up functionality. I prefer functionality over ease of use. Guess that's just me.

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Okay, Instead of all that arguing, let me just tell you a story from my life.

I have a doctor, the guy is brilliant, he can see exactly whats wrong with you from a distance of 3 miles and tell you how to cure it in no more then a week (if it is actually curable).
the problem is, every time he needs to write someone a prescription he has to fight with the computer for 10 minutes while silently cursing the "damn machine".
you cant call the man an "Idiot" can you? and yet he needs about 10 minutes to do an operation that should take numerous seconds.
now you can come and say "well he should learn how to use it" , but some people cant learn to use it properly (no matter how smart, intelligent or educated they might be).

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