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In need of a new firewall


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I used to use KPF2.1.5, but I now need to add a rather large IP blocklist.

I'm using KPF4, but in gateway mode it leaves hugh holes. So I'm runnning the XP firewall too :(

1. Strong software firewall
2. Ability to add large (2000+) IP blocklists
3. Must be able to run with ICS (otherwise my girlfriend gets annoyed)

Tried Sygate, but couldn't lock it down.

Other suggestions?


- geek -
hmm... wouldn't blocking a whole block of ip's be as simple as setting a rule to block xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ? I know thats how it works in sygate anyhoo. I'm not sure about ICS as I've never used it :)


- geek -
also why are you blocking 2000+ ips? by defualt a good firewall should block all and only allow traffic from ip/mac address you allow. :confused:


- geek -
so you want something to block the "bad guys" on p2p? I'm not sure a firewall will really do this as a true p2p your info is shared w/ nodes on the network and then passed on to others so you blocking "the bad guy" isn't going to do much if they request your info from a node that doesn't know you have firewall rule to block them from gaining access your computer. that make any sense? if you wanna hide from the "bad guys" on p2p maybe you should use something like freenet.

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