In need of a graphics booster shot.


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24 Mar 2004
I've got a gateway 400VTX running with 1GB of RAM, and an Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics. I'm not an expert but I'm no fool when it come to computers. I've been told the single mother board prevents me from upgrading anything with the graphics but there must be something I can do to upgrade my grpahics for gaming and such. Any option is welcome and I mean anything rick is no option and buying a new laptop is not really an option right now. I know laptops are a pain but it was for college and I want to make this mother work to the best it can possibley work and then some. Any recomendations are welcome. or Darknight0329 for AIM. Thanks.
I deleted teh double post in the other thread :)
If by better graphics you mean gaming or 3d rendering you're hosed. Laptops just don't have the power or the heat handling capabilities to handle gaming or 3D rendering work. They are intended for email, business applications and surfing. Trying to do any more with them is a waste of time.

In addition the laptop makers usually don't allow you to upgrade anything but RAM because of the heat and power concerns.
LeeJend is right in the sense that laptops are not traditionally made for graphix intensive applications such as games and video rendering apps. Recently, some scompanies have broken the Alienware and Dell. I have a dell 600m with a 64 meg ATi 9000 vid card and i game on it fine. Laptops with integrated graphix however is a different story. I dont think you'll get too much gaming out of that laptop unfortunately...
ROFLMAO! 9000 a gaming card. My 9500 PRO is barely adequate for real gaming.

PS Thanks Bootsy, I've had a rotten day and needed a good laugh.
glad I could help. I usually play GTA Vice City, Medal of Honor and games that arent too new. I dont think I'd be able to play something like far cry or ut2004 or anything, I can use the 9800Pro in my desktop for that
Well, if you really want to get a gaming laptop, the Inspiron 9100 and the XPS have 128MB Mobility Radeon 9700s. Of course, real portability is almost out of the question with one of these machines, but I suppose you can't have both.

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