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In Deep Crap !!!!! Please Help ME !!!



I was mucking around with my PC and I used the UXtheme program from TGTSoft. I accidentaly crapped something up. Now when I try to login, it says theres something wrong with UXtheme.dll. When I try to repair the system by going into DOS, booting with a win98 floppy disk and going to WinXP's I386 folder, then going into winnt (a exe file), when I try to repair it, it says I haven't got sufficient space to do anything. I might format anyway, but there are 2 important files on my harddrive that I want before I format. How can I put them onto a cdr or floppy disk from DOS ?

Please Help !


I don't use restore facility !
Please can someone help me !

How do I put 2 files from my harddrive onto a floppy disk or cdr from DOS ???!!!???


Boot into safe mode and just uninstall UXtheme....no?:confused:

At least you should be able to go into safe mode and save those 2 files you want.


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Safe mode would be your best bet. Or you can attempt to turn off the visual styles service and XP should stop looking for it on boot.

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To put files on a disk from dos.

The commands

Drive letter plus a colon changes drive ie C:

CD changes directory. IE cd windows

CD.. Goes back a directory

If a file name is more than 8 letters then you would type it like this.... Filena~1 ( so, the first six letters then a ~ then a 1 )

DIR lists the contents of a directory.

DIR /P Asks you to continue so you dont get the list flying past

COPY is the one your interested in.

Lets say you want to copy a file called fred and bert.txt from windows to a floppy disk. Starting from having booted with a floppy disk, the commands would be.

CD Windows
COPY fredan~1.txt A:

Good luck :D


You could also run msconfig and stop UXtheme from loading on boot....plus alot of other crap that is probably loading. :rolleyes:



Sorry I didnt know...I never installed it. Just figured if it ran on boot you could disable it.

I can guarntee you that there is a way to disable it. You can disable anything on boot.



uxtheme.dll is the dll that controls the themes that are displayed in WinXP.

TGTSoft (the peeps that make StyleXP) used to just hack it with stylexp but microsoft said that it was a nono so they had to stop doing that.

They released the hacked uxtheme.dll as a "free alternative" to purchasing stylexp so that you can still have themes etc.

As long as you followed all the instructions according to the readme you shouldn't have had any issues with it.

I use it cause i don't believe i should pay for the ability to make my windows look nice.

ahh... DOS... I was born on DOS and BASIC =). Text adventures made in BASIC rocked =) i was 9 at the time but hey... and security back then wasn't that good... i tried a password program... .just press Ctrl+Break and it'd bypass it =P

All windows people go read the basics of DOS... its so old school it ain't funny =)

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