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Improving Speed of Roadrunner



My Roadrunner cable internet service seems to run a bit sluggish (for cable anyways) and I've noticed a bit of a performance decline since it was first installed (reinstallingXPpro may have played a part).

I use it at various hours of the day and the lag seems present all the time so I don't think it is primarily because of increased usage by other people in the area.

Anyhow, I've read about people posting tips and tweaks on how to significantly improve speed and security with roadrunner and I was hoping someone could post that again.

I searched through the forum for such topics but the related links people posted to previous forum posts are no longer available.

Any info is much appreciated!
Your best bet is www.dslreports.com...goto their tweaks and speed test sections and there are alot of tips on how to optimize your connection

the most common is adjusting your Rwin (receive window) but after you run the tweak test at dslreports it will help you figure out a good rwin,

Don't just go putting in any number that someone tells you will make it fast...that might work for them, but not always for you :)

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