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Jan 25, 2003
Not exactly PC news but we all have cameras and music players so...

Sanyo (eneLoop) and Rayovac (Hybrid) currently have next generation NiMH batteries on the store shelves. Walmart has the Hybrid and Circuit City and several camera chains carry the eneLoop. These new batteries will go main line after the first of the year and be more generally available.

1) Come precharged with at least 80% capacity. Use them right out of the box unlike standard NiMH which require a full charge before use.

2) Self discharge sitting on the shelf is markedly reduced. Keep 80% of charge for up to 12 months. Standard NiMH are pretty bad after a month and NiCd are dead in a few weeks.

3) The Sanyo is rated at 2500 maHr vs 2100 maHr standard for NiMH. That's a big plus for current hungry cameras or CD players.

4) They will charge in virtually any NiMH charge you already own. No new hardware to buy.

These features bring the NiMH much closer to the Li Ion battery in performance at a fraction of the cost and with no hazardous waste issues. Also, they are not prone to catastrophic failure like Li Ion.

Pricing is steep compared to the standard NiMH. The Hybrid is $8.95 for a 4 pack, the superior eneLoop sell for steep $14.95 a 4 pack at Circuit City, but a more acceptable $11.99 at Ritz Camera.

I'll be torture testing my new set of Hybrids over Chrsitmas in my new camera. And pick up a set of eneLoops if I can fight my way into a Ritz Camera tomorrow.

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