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Impossible to install printer ??? pls help

heh this is the situation, i recently formated my hard drive, so when i booted from the CD some windows setup was preparing and copying files that are gonna be installed, while doing that couple of files couldnt be copied which are involved with printing. Now i cant install printer its impossible. Is there any way that i can install windows component that is missieng or do i need to format it again ??? Thx in advance
yeah of course i did but it says printer is not installed, i went to printers and faxes it cant be recognized there, when i click on add new printer nothing happens drivers are installed windows is fuking it up
1). Clean the CD. Try again.
2). Borrow a friends CD. All that matters is that it is the same version (home, pro etc) and to use your CD Key). Make a copy while you're at it. You may even be able to just do a repair off a good CD instead of a total reinstall.
3). Post the names of the damaged files and maybe someone can get you those files.

If cleaning the CD does not work, you have no friends, and no one can dig the necessary files out of their CD, you could always try contacting MS customer support.

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