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Importing CSV


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The story:

I just put my dad's work computer on the network, so he shares DSL with the rest of the family. I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade his IE6 at the same time... bad idea. I did it, and he could no longer connect to the network :mad: don't know why and don't care... so I uninstalled it... but his work contacts have been lost from Outlook Express! :mad: :mad:

I been running around for the last hour trying to find out how to restore them.. managed to find the .wab file, but this no-longer works on his computer. It does work with OE6 though... so I have managed to open it on my copy of OE6 and saved as CSV from advice from Microsoft and a few other "restoring address books" sites. The thing is - I can't import from CSV on my dad's computer (Windows 98, OE5.x). Im on XP and OE6.


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Thanks Binary.

That is how it SHOULD look like, but it only lists one thing. NAB I think. Any ideas?

Looks like its back to pen and paper. :huh:

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