important xp pro .sys file



HELP Please.
hi guys
i deleted an important system file last nite and now she WONT BOOT. i get past my Bios screen then Flash, reset back to the bios, again and again..:(
i DONT have a Boot disk, I KNOW, I KNow, its on my list of things to do.
so im at my moms right now trying to make a boot disk thru Norton ghost. but I dont know if its going to work. she has XP home and I have Pro..
All i need to do. is to get back into the recycle bin and undelete it..
it was under C:\ where it would list Program files, Documents and settings, etc..
it was hidden and said something like e10???.sys
i think.. it was the only one there.
I can get to the command prompt with my Windows disk but i cannot access RECYCLER. it says access dennied

anyway the File wasnt very large, it only contain 1 long row of numbers.. when i renamed it to a .txt to open it.

dont ask why i deleted it.. it must of been the poor brain cells i was killling last nite trying to get back at me.. ha


it was in the root dir. c:\
it was about 8 or so letters long. with like
number letter letter number letter number letter?? .sys
something like that, it was the only .sys file in c:\
i think.
and i think it had ***e10**.sys or something like that



hey where did my post go? that .sys file

Please help guys.. all i need is that damn .sys file
My Post disappeared?? it was there a min. ago. then Pooof! gone

please help me restore my computer.
i have 200 Gigs of data just sitting there in a coma. possibly dying.

Now i Really Value my Data.. 1000 X's more then yesterday!
oh the things you take for granted.. You dont know what youve got till its gone.!

it was that .sys file in the root dir. c:

i wanna say it was 19k or 44k? i think thats what i saw last nite.
when i renamed it to a .txt it opened in notepad
as a really long string of numbers, no spaces just lots and lots of numbers with a few * thrown in there. it was only on the top line of the notepad.

Please help:(


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There is no need to have two threads related to the same thing, espcially when both have been started by the same user. Pick one and use that thread. Thank you.


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Simply use the "last good boot" option available by pressing F8 after the mem check (during early boot-up).

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lol I was just reading your other thread & poof....gone. Like madmatt said once is enough.

Anyway I have looked in my C:\ drive & there is no sys file there.
You could try doing a 'repair' with the xp cd at bootup.

Try madmatt's suggestion first. That should work. ;)


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u have two options as I see it.

1. boot up with the XP CD in the cd rom drive, your looking for a repair option.

2. as soon as the bois screen gets done press F8, boot up in safe mode if possible, if not try last good config.

Good Luck, I'm the one who deleted your other post, and I'm fixing to delete the new one you did as well.

Only post one thread, please.


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