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Importance of Keeping a clean PC


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here is a picture of a pc i had the recent pleasure of working on. please folks a can of air and simple green go along way. i swear the owner never ever opened the pc to see why it stopped working. thank god i get 40.00 an hour.




Well a bit of dust helps supercharge your PC, gives it that extra zip!

That looks like lint, sure he/she didn't dishwasher it then dry it in the tumble dryer!
albybum said:
my allergies are kicking up from just looking at that picture. jeez :(
Likewise. I'm not kidding... I actually sneezed. Bleh!!!

I wonder how much heat that sucker was throwing out before it stop working.

That could be my roommates computer. About 2 months a go a ram module bit the dust in it because it was so thickly covered in dust. He hadn't cleaned the box since he got it 18 months previous. Unfortunately the bad ram took the OS with it.


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Heck of a lot of dust, surprised the fluff didn't start to bulge out of the front panels :eek:

Must've been a pain to clean the whole case out.


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Heeter said:
By any chance,

Is the owner of that tower missing his cat. If he is, I think you found it.


Hahahahaha... The cat prolly would rub up against it thinkin the damned 'puter was purrrin back at him. Can you say "furball" :p


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I had the pleasure of fixing a call accounting pc once at a clients site, I wish I still had the pics I took for warentee refusal, the entire inside of the case (mini tower) was FULL of matted dust bunnies! The buildup was soo bad all the fans stopped, not because they failed, but because there was sooo much crap inside they couldn't turn anymore.

Needless to say the lack of any airflow killed the cpu, ram, and PSU.

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