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Impending doom at Registerfly?


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I have moved all my domains from the sinking ship, their deal with enom went south. And ever since then everything went down the crapper. The move to godaddy has just completed for spammers-paradise.com, which marks the first time since I got the domain from Casey that I will be able to change the DNS servers on it, which means I can bring it back online. I am unable to comprehend how such a company can turn out to be so bad all of the sudden.

Just as a side note, it took them all of 25 days just to find out why I was unable to unlock my domain so that it could be moved over to GoDaddy. That is INSANE!


Political User
On another note: RegisterFly's own web-site certificate for SSL has expired since the 16th of February, that does not seem to be a reputable business to me.
I have reseller accounts at DirectI and Enom (though I haven't funded my enom account) so if anyone needs domains at cost price let me know.

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