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Immediate Shutdown



I have an old VF2 game and a new Lucas Starfighter game. When I play either game, especially the Starfighter game; after a few minutes it completly turns off my computer. . It does
not crash to windows. I have XP for HOME (all latest Microsoft fixes applied), AMD XP2000, GE Force 3 Ti 200, 80G HD AZZA motherboard 233 DDR512RAM. I’ve tried the latest drivers for viewsonic and Ndivia. My Roxie Easy Cd has been updated to version 5.3. There doesn't seem to be one scene where this does this. In order to get backinto the game, I have to unplug the PC and turn it on again. Is there a fix for this problem. Does it sound like a hardware problem.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I don't know what this will do, it might crash windows it might not. Try it if you want & see what happens.

Right click 'my computer' go to 'advanced\startup & recovery' then go down to 'system failure' & untick 'Automatic restart'.

Let us know what happens. You can always change it back.


Thanks Hipster Doofus for the tip about, unchecking the auto re-start; it was crashing my system. When I went to the AZZA board website; it seem that they've posted a BIOS change for this board having to do with the power on function. So far I don't see the need for me to attempt to install the new BIOS since I don't want the machine re-boot itself during a error situation anyhow (IT’s not a file server.);I want to know what caused the problem. When I went to play my game after changing the auto restart, the game just ended and the computer was completely reusable. I believe have discovered the cause. It will take a few more tests but, I have a PARALLEL port flatbed scanner (visoneer 6100b) using the papaport software. When I removed the scanner program from the taskbar, the game worked with no problems. I know the version of the scanner software I have is old and has problems but Paprport's new software is too expensive. I'll just remove it from the tray when I use my Starfighter program. In a week or two if everything is ok, ill post my final message. THANKS ALL. Paul


I still have a graphic card problem that causes a shutdown. I ran MSINFO32.exe and discovered that my modem (USR OEM 66297700) and Ndivia GeForce 3 Ti 200 card are using the same IRQ (IRQ 11). I disabled COM2 (via the BIOS)which made IRQ 3 available. I unstalled from the device manager my modem and rebooted. My modem is still picking up IRQ 11 and says there are no conflicts. I've contacted 3COM but so far no answer. I've contacted chaintech (MY OEM Nvidia graphics card) no answer.

Does anybody no have to get the USR modem to us another IRQ on a WINXP pnp system?

Do you think having you modem and your graphics card using the same IRQ is problem?

thanks Paul


I've Disabled the modem via the Hardware manager to free up IRQ 11. This helped, the game immediatly shut down, but only after 10 to 20 minutes. I 've read the GEFORCE faq on the web and they do reconmend giving the GEFORCE grahics card its own IRQ. But like I said, it didn't totally solve the problem. There's no way in WINXP that I'm aware of other than starting from scratch and reinstalling WINXP, then install each card one by one after rebooting to guide WINXP into assigning IRQ's. Microsoft site has information on this; which kind of says that WINXP does the IRQ assigning and ingores the BIOS when your motherboard has APCI.

I'm open to suggestions?

I thinking of locating the Graphic card BIOS, and flashing it. Tried the lastest drivers.



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