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Immediate help needed!


Not Too eXPerienced
Heres what happened:

im listening to some music one lazy saturday afternoon when the system freezes. so I pushed the reset button to restart, in my surprise the cpu has no power what so ever (no lights: hdd led, power, etc.).

i tried to disassemble the hardwares thinking that something might have a loose connection, i got it to power on once again but after few minutes the system hangs anew, tried to reset again and the same results: no power.

the last thing I did was to format my drive and make a clean install, everything works fine until the 3rd reboot and everything was like before again system hangs just a few minutes of operation.

One thing I have observed is that when i unplugged the power source for about 3 hours and put it back there is a power when I push the power button but still when it reaches windows if freezes, reset it then no power, unplug it for 3 hours then power is back again im really really frustrated.

could this be a hardware failure? im suspecting the motherboard or the memory is causing this, what do you think? thanks for any help you might extend to me.........................thank you in advance..........

Intel P4 1.6 Ghz
Intel M'Board
128MB Ram


OSNN One Post Wonder
i will be totally wrong of course but i got a pc like that........the psu gets warm ....even when the pc is off.....and if a restart is needed its gotta be cold or she wont play

just a thought
Sounds alot like hardware anyway, I don't think software could cause this. I agree that it could be the PSU, but it might be something else as well.


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something like that happened to me. i was playing a game and the comp just shut off. i tried to start it up again and it would only get so far then freeze. i tried formatting the HD and it would get 1/2 way through and restart or freeze. i ended up getting a new motherboard and power supply. i also upgraded my cpu and ram but i think it was the power supply or the motherboard. either way, it sucked.


Moozically Con~foozed
i had the same problem last month, it turned out to be a dodgy harddrive problem (but would happen the same on any device) ....

the bad hdd was pulling too much juice and the power supply was tripping out .... i changed the power wupply to a better one and it worked fine for about a week then started again, eventually after unplugging everything inside the case and testing one at a time it turned out to be the HDD, so i put the old psu in and hey presto it works fine again.

tip, if the power supply is tripping out it will eventually damage it! so replace it first anyway.

tip2, asus motherboards trip out if there is a faulty component, this is by design.

tip3, dont eat yellow snow



Yup, my comp did that to me too, I freaked out at the time only to find out that my PSU was not performing properly.

I changed it and TA-DA! havent had a problem in the last year
I'll take a little of that action, Bootsy :) My money is on the PSU. Like MC82 I had a similar problem that was getting progressively worse... turns out I cooked a resistor in the psu.

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