Imma bit nutz!


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erm.. shhhh ;)

I blimmin woke up at 10.35am, rushed to get ready for work - even skipped breakie coz I start work at 11 today. Rushed out the house and walked over to the store which is about 5mins away. "Why's the store closed" I thought to myself so I looked at my watch... 9.50am! F%$K!! :eek:

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I once woke hubby up for work thinking it was 8am,he was dressed and ready for the off when he realised it was only 6am..oops :D
He's never let me forget either :rolleyes: :p


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i woke up once thinking it was time for school and i walked to the bus stop and after like 5 min someone came out and asked why i was there. I was like for school. The lady was like well its saturday. I felt so stupid and from time to time someone says somethin about it.

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Ep, glad to see you come back and tidy up...did want to ask a one day favor, I want to enhance my resume , was hoping you could make me administrator for a day, if so, take me right off since I won't be here to do anything, and don't know the slightest about the board, but it would be nice putting "served administrator osnn", if can do, THANKS

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All good still mate?
Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me ...
What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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