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Imagemagician ends free membership.


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After using my free Imagemagicican account today I discovered the bad news that the site will be terminating its free service as of the 3rd February 2003. At this point all of these accounts will become inactive and you will be required to pay subscription to continue using the service.

The following information appears on the site:

Regarding your trial membership
Thank you for trying out ImageMagician!

Your trial account will give you the chance to see if ImageMagician fits your file hosting needs. At the end of your trial, your account will become inactive. At that time, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to Member status and resume using your account as normal. You may also upgrade your account at any point before your trial period ends.

Your two-week trial started on: 19 January 2003

Special Note to all accounts:
We would like to thank everyone for using ImageMagician over the past year. It has been a lot of fun growing and evolving with all of you on board. To continue providing the highest quality of image hosting, and to better be able to expand and improve the ImageMagician service, a Two-Week trial period has been introduced. This trial period is now effective for all accounts, new and old. Again, you may become a member at any time before or after your trial period ends, and keep all of the images stored in your account. Especially for people who do not require much space, we have added a basic member plan, which offers 1,100,000 bytes of space, for only $9.99 a year! That's less than 85 cents a month!

Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy your two-week trial!

I've been using my account for over a year now so I guess that all other account holders are similarly effected.


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