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Image problems with GF4 ti4200



I bought an Abit Siluro GF4 ti4200 128mb 8x agp card for my new system about a month or so ago and it has worked wonderfully up until about a day or so ago.

While I was playing NHL2003 I noticed that little flickering dots were on the screen. They could only really be seen when something dark colored was there, though you can sometimes make them out in light areas.

I included a pic to point out what I am seeing. There arn't as many as I sometimes see but if you look at the player's dark jersey you can see the little dots throughout his jersey and other dark areas, when I am playing these little dots have a slight flickering quality to them.

Video performance has otherwise been unaffected as far as I can notice. The game still plays as well as ever and DVD playback and daily desktop graphics all look normal.

I'm running DirectX 9.0a along with the latest nvidia reference drivers (43.35 i think) and the latest of any other driver I can think of.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

My system is:

AthlonXP 2100+
Epox 8rda+ mobo
256x2 spectek pc2700 ddr ram
Seagate Barracuda IV 80gb
Abit Siluro GF4 ti4200 8x 128mb
Ati tvwonder ve
Toshiba 4x dvd drive
liteon 32x cdrw
sony 52x cdrom
WinXP Pro sp1


NTFS Stoner
if you are overclocking the card, that is a by product of the TI4200's DDR ram being pushed too far. the artifacts are faults writing to the screen. If the card is <1 month old and the case is not getting hot, return the card with a printout of the picture and get it replaced. if you are overclocking, back it off before it pops.


thanks for the info, i figured that might be the problem.

I'm running the card at stock settings so it isn't OCing that is causing the problem (used powerstrip to check the speed, everything is at stock settings).

apparently alot of people have been having trouble with the abit, guess it's my turn to rma.


one more thing, I got the card from newegg about a month ago, i know i can't get a refund, but if I RMA it, what will most likely happen? will i get another of the same card? new or refurbed? or could pay the difference on a different card?

just wondering from anyone who has had to go through it before.


NTFS Stoner
You should e-mail the card maker to see if they will RMA any faster than new egg.com there RMA is crap and no i doubt they will upgrade you, also you could try underclocking the card. chances are someone will say its the power supply that cant cope. who knows.

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