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image help


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You need to have your picutre/sig hosted some place. Once it's hosted all you need to do is type what I typed up there ^^ replacing the { with [ and } with ] and changing the URL and file name.
i am sorry to be such a pain ,but i am far from expirened
my image is here what do i do now?
<img src="http://atlas.imagemagician.com/images/bluzeboy/bluzeboys/SYSTEMxINFO.pspimage" border="0">
ok it is now gif please direct me what is my next move?
<img src="http://atlas.imagemagician.com/images/bluzeboy/SYSTEMxINFO.gif" border="0">
lol that image you are trying to put as your signature is far to big for the Forums.. it needs to be 500 x 200 in size. I know this because mine used to be alittle on the big side.. but im corrected now :D
{img}http:// atlas.imagemagician.com/images/bluzeboy/SYSTEMxINFO.gif{/img}

Where the // are above, remove the space between the last / and atlas. I put a space there so that you can be able to see the whole link of which your picture is so you need to remove the space when you put it under your sig like Jewelzz told you. For some reason, the forum shrinks the web address :confused:

Hope this Helps

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