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Image color in Photoshop not correct


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I just loaded a picture up into photoshop to mess around with it and the color in photoshop does not match the color inside the windows preview window(which is the correct color). I had this problem before I cant remember how I fixed it, if I recall it had something to do with a monitor profile or something. If anybody has any thoughts that would be great :) Thanks ahead



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You are correct in assuming its most likely a color profile, there are a couple possible fixes.

If you havnt already, follow the Adobe Gamma Wizard in the Control Panel. This alone might make a slight difference.

Assuming you havnt changed any of the default PS color settings, when in Photoshop itself goto

Edit>Assign Color Profile

This will bring up a small menu where you can choose one of three settings, one of them has a drop down. Now, try choosing any of the other ones till yuo think that its correct. You can also choose another profile from the drop down list, however I think you would most likely want to choose the working RGB profile. Just make sure you have done the Adobe Gamma Wizard.

If none of that works, then there is another place we can look.
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I did the adobe gamma and it didnt really help much, and when I goto assign the profile its already on working RGB... :( Whats the next thing to check?


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If your main concern is getting a match between PS and the Windows preview, try setting the PS Color Settings to "Colour Management Off".
However, PS always uses Colour Management to a greater or lesser extent (you can't actually turn it off), Windows viewers don't use CM so you will never get an exact match.

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