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Im ready to buy an Apple!!


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Yes the words I never thought I would be saying has finally manifested into my brain. After years of dealing with "BSOD" crashes :dead: , and so many more problems with errr WIndows....I have decided to Go ahead and buy a mac mini :eek: :) to go along side with my trusty Linux Box & lappie. Awaiting UPS to deliver my new toy....w00t!!!! :laugh: :laugh:


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I don't think you will regret it. I have turn my XP box on I think 2 times (to get files off it) since I got my mini. :classic:
You guys and your BSOD's. What in the world do you people do? Tsk tsk... :p
Have fun. Always nice to have different types of boxes around to play with.


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I had the Mac Mini, but it was just too slow compared to my PC. Not to mention the OS ate up 800mb of my 1GB of ram just by surfing the net and downloading a few files.

I returned it, but plan on getting a G5 desktop in the next six months or so. I did enjoy my time on a Mac.


i wanna try a mac mini, i'm slightly biased on macs since my elem's had the black and white mac 2's and my jr high had like the "supermacs" that made a 100mhz laptop look like the speed of light... you could spend an entire class just turning it on
I will say that I'm interested in the Mac minis because of the price factor but... I also have to say I've seen too many "friends" switch over because their Windows system was unstable. Why was it unstable? Well, because they made it unstable!

But, not to knock this thread off-topic I am amazingly interested in this and I am nearly ready to throw out the money to get one to have some fun. It will not, however, get me to walk away from a PC.

rotjong said:
because they made it unstable!
Reading that, I just realised something, and that brought up the following question: Why is it unstable and instability??? :laugh:

Anyways, I can't buy any computer now, but I'd like something as small as the Mac Mini without having to buy a laptop - because, yes, most new PC's are a lot faster but also a LOT bigger - this Mac Mini I could fit just about anywhere :yowch:
actually the main reason why Windows in unstable (though they fixed a lot of problems in XP) was the expansive range of hardware support. Apple control the hardware a lot more so the system is more stable. Also the number of times that a windows bug has been fixed but still has to mimic the bug to keep some software working is incredible. I think there was a borland compiler which exploited a bug in windows to do something, when the bug was fixed they also had to write some more code to catch the situation of that compiler trying to use that bug, and then mimic the bug to give the compiler what it expected.
Stuff like that adds to code complexity and bloat making the code harder and harder to debug and optimise. This is one of the reasons why they had the whole "not all current hardware and software will work on XP" thing, they had removed all this stupid bug mimic code.

Hope you enjoy the mac though tdinc. Might have been an idea to wait until Tiger was released though :p


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Congrats tdinc! I expect to see you posting in the Mac section of the forums soon enough, hopefully with good experiences. :)

If you bought the mini after April 14th you can get a free upgrade to Tiger.
muzikool said:
If you bought the mini after April 14th you can get a free upgrade to Tiger.
I don't think it's free, I believe he would qualify for the $9.99 (or whatever it is) upgrade price. If he had waited till the 29th he would get a free Tiger DVD in his mini box. ;)

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