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I'm off again

Electronic Punk

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Tomorrow morning I am travelling to the USA as part of my world arrogance tour.

I'm flying into Atlanta and will be travelling up to Tennesee for a military convention called the AAAA.

On Sunday, I think, I will then be travelling down to Enterprise, Alabama. The place where I used to live all those years ago... Last time I was there I did have the Megamind remix of Lava - Autumn, but I just know that those simple folk have been missing the more recent Italian techno. I have a mission.

I should still have internet access, and will of course be around, but perhaps not quite all the time. It is a quick holiday after all.
EP, where in TN are you gonna be? I actually live in TN, amusingly enough. I'm about 3.5 hrs from Atlanta, in Knoxville. :) Just curious where up here you're going to be. Sorry to hear you're being subjected to such a horrid state. Try living here.


Can you get me Forrest Gumps signature whilst in Alabama, he lives in Green Bow..Must appreciated. Have a nice trip.

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What a long strange trip it's been. =)

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