I'm Moving (yet another change around here)


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I just gave my 2 weeks notice here at work, so I guess I can make it official now. My wife and I are moving to Dallas where she will be starting her career doing real estate (managing commercial property), and I will be starting up my own business. I enjoy my job now (Network Admin) but I'm really excited about being able to do my own thing!

I (unofficially) started my business about 2 months ago and put together a web site. It's called digitaLife Productions -- I know some of you have seen it because you helped me out with it late last year. :) I've got quite a bit of work to do on the site, but you can get the idea of what I will be doing for the most part. I'll also be doing IT consulting for small businesses -- something that has been setup for me with my wife's job and her real estate company.

I'm excited about moving up to the big city (here I come, Jewelzz!) and starting another chapter in life. The opportunities we've been given have been an amazing blessing! Just wanted to share it with my friends here! :D


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Congratulations on the step, being your own boss is a wonderful thing. Although, you always seem to take your work home.


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I also like Dallas better than Houston. It's too muggy down there during the summer.

VenomXt said:
Lived in denton for 2 years. (30 mins from Dallas). Dallas is nice better than houston hehe. Good luck.
I worked at a fireworks stand for two 4th of July's -- it was in Sanger, just north of Denton. Not much there.


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Best of luck! (I'll still be stuck here in PA :cry: )

Just had a guy leave our dept headed back to Austin, I believe. His wife landed a better position there...it's their hometown I think. Sure beats winter wonderland in my book!:laugh:


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The site definitely has come a long way since you originally made it, very nice job muzi :)

Best of luck in the move, I hope your small business is successful and you and your wife are happy in Texas :)


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Originally Posted by VenomXt
id kill to have some snow or "winter wonderland".. damn houston..
Grandmaster said:
Let's switch spots. Hate, hate, hate the winter.
ME FIRST! I POSTED FIRST! :laugh: :lick:

The older I get, the more I hate winter...need some 'fun in the sun'!

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