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11 Dec 2001
Im looking for a PNY Verto GeForce2-MX400 PCI for sale in the UK or somewhere that sells them, can anyone help with this?

Dunno about that, but this place has some great deals:

Saw yesterday a GF3 for £130
and a GF2 /w 64 megs onboard ram for like £50

Just checked and they aren't on the list today, but they may resurface :D
Yeah? Im looking for a 64MB PCI gfx card with 128bit memory-speed.

I currently have a GF2MX with 32MB and 64bit memspeed.

Can anyone help?
I found

Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 PCI 64Mb (No TV) (This item is released on 2002)


PNY Verto GeForce2-MX400 PCI 64MB

Im currently in talks with OCuk, and they are seeing what they can do.

Shame I only have a shite motherboard/computer. Wonder if we would see a GF3 PCI Ti400 heh:D
"CMX6P" PCI 64MB MX 400 nVIDIA by PowerColor

Ever fecking site I find one on is USA, so I cant get it shipped here or pay for it!

doh doh doh!:D
Anyone got a Voodoo5 5500 PCI to sell, tho will it work on XP ? :confused:

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