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I'm looking for a program to help organize my DVD Collection

The title say it all..... I'm looking for a program to help organize my DVD collection. It is getting to the point that I have to spend 10-15 mins looking at all my DVDs to know if I have a movie or not. I don't need anything too fancy and I prefer something free or open source. Any suggestions?


I'm sorry Hal...
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Oh please, how can you compre! might as well say don't need good word processor cause notepad works fine :)

With DVD Profiler you don't have to sit there for hours typing all the information in, just input the barcode number and bam! its all there actors, crew, description, techincal details and Cover pictures! Intergrated online website extensive custom reports and filtering. And on and on..... :D


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I noticed someone said there are ad-banners on DVD Profiler. Has it been checked for Spyware? Sounds like a great app if it doesn't.



I'm sorry Hal...
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yeah in the free version, theres a ad banner. I've been using the program for years and no spyware scan using many programs has ever come up with anything

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