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im having problems installing medal of honor:allied assault


VERY Silly

when i try to install medal of honor: allied assault i am never capable of installing "eReg files" "help files" or "data complete files" it says the path cannot be specified please help me

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forums VERY Silly. :)
Have you tried using compatability mode found in the start menu. Use it to navigate to the exe/startup file on the setup disk & see how you go.

VERY Silly


ok well my problem is for win 98... when i try to install help files or data complete files it gives me something like this

component:help files
file group: help files EN-US
error:the systen cannot find the path specified

same thing for date files complete AND eReg files

plz guys try to help me i cant install it at all and i need it for win 98

VERY Silly


about last post... that is my specific problem... i didnt make it so specific in the beginning. sorry. well i have win 98 and i need big help. the problem is set up on the last post so if u have any solutions please help me.
Is your version of windows upto date? (use windows online update).
Also make sure your discs are clean and undamaged.
Clean your cdrom lens (using a cd cleaner for cdroms) and finally if it is backed up(you must own the original)it may be faulty as i think medal of honor had safedisc 2.51 protecting it.

By original he means does the disc have EA medal of honor on it...not a sticky lable!....you must have some type of packaging as the serial will be attached somewhere.

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