I'm going nuts.....


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So most of you probably remember the drama around me getting my current job, which I started January 2nd, 2006.

About 5 months ago, I had passed my resume to a friend who works at ESPN. It wasn't really to expect anything, it was just a classic case of "keeping it on file". So, this past Saturday, I got an e-mail asking if I was still interested, as they knew I just started somewhere new.

"OF COURSE!" was my reply....

I had interview #1 on Wednesday....interview #2 is scheduled for Tuesday the 31st. Apparently, I can be hired and start the next day if they like me enough.

I don't know if anyone watched the show "Dream Job" when it was on, but this really would be it for me. I would get a HEALTHY pay raise, even to more than I would make after my $5,000 raise in 6 months here. I'm so excited.......................


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Electronic Punk said:
But is it ESPN 4: The Ocho ?
um, ESPN 8 is the ocho, and yes, I requested to cover the Dodgeball tournaments :)

perris said:
/will expect tickets to the yankees playoffs...box seats
Only if I have extra ;)

some of my "team" members left for two weeks for super bowl coverage :s


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Grandmaster said:
Dude, sweet job. Good luck!
Thanks :)

I'm soooooo nervous/excited/impatient :)

I'm an internal referral, so I hope that will help my chances.

Downside would be my shift is 6P-3A to start, but that is primetime for Sportscenter so I would have the chance to make a good impression :)


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Description is vague atm, will find out more on Tuesday. Here is a snippet....


Job Description: Dept - MIT. GRADE - 19. Position responsible for providing technical support, maintenance, and troubleshooting of production information systems, applications and hardware. Respond to phone and radio calls. Replace or repair faulty PC hardware and peripherals. Deploy hardware and software solutions as assigned. Answer IT related phone and radio calls, document system/application problems and provide resolution, with some supervision. Answer and resolve problem calls using an Automatic Call Distribution System. Identify problems, accurately document using helpdesk ticketing system, and ensure appropriate action is taken.

Job Responsibilities: Resolve calls utilizing available tools, procedures, personal expertise, abstract knowledge, theory application, and problem solving skills. Monitor call queue and manage call length times according to priority, call volume, wait times, and service level. Resolve or participate in the resolution of users' routine problems, including analysis, diagnosis, problem resolution and testing, typically on standard problems. Communicate critical information pertaining to system outages, problems, and escalations. Identify recurring issues and complete special projects with some supervision. Identify and research trends and make suggestions for resolution. Install software patches, updates and drivers to resolve routine problems. Deploy hardware and software systems as assigned. Maintain corporate and newsroom systems, including tape backups, server maintenance, remote access, and scoring domain accounts using Active Directory. Monitor and troubleshoot systems, including diagnosing and resolving both hardware and software issues related to PC's, blades, printers, modems, wiring, and networking. Interact with hardware and software vendors to obtain technical specifications and to resolve problems. Conduct internet research on hardware, software and system problems. Provide technical support (phone and desk side), maintenance, and troubleshooting for production and corporate information systems, applications and hardware. Supports studio and remote events (networked and non-networked), requiring setup and takedown of equipment and systems, and ensuring proper configuration and connectivity in support of production users. Maintain technical documentation. Follow inventory controls to ensure up-to-date asset database. Accountable for high levels of personal productivity on assigned tasks and projects. Travel may be required.

Required Qualifications: Associate or Technical degree, or 1-2 years of applicable industry experience. Experience answering helpdesk calls and using a ticketing system. Demonstrated ability to perform industry standard troubleshooting and analysis of PC hardware, operating systems (Windows 2000 and XP), and office automation software. Intermediate knowledge of network printing and ability to leverage utilities used in troubleshooting. Intermediate knowledge of Windows Operating System related tasks using administrative consoles. Basic networking fundamentals and knowledge of protocols such as TCP/IP and associated troubleshooting tools. Intermediate knowledge of Windows PC software applications including Microsoft Office suite. Basic knowledge of the business requirements for ESPN personal computing users. Basic knowledge of currently available external technologies and solutions to apply to users' problems.

Desired Qualifications: Four-year degree in Business, Computer Science, or related field. Two plus years experience in a technical support environment. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Understanding of network communications and associated hardware (routers, switches, hubs). Experience with ENPS.
Kinda basic, but when my foot is in the door there is sooooooooo much room for financial and professional advancement :)

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Well good luck. And if you're nervous enough, remember to wear deoderant to the interview, so it isn't overly apperent ;)

Reminds me of when I had my driving test while still in high school. Was so nervious, and perspired so much, that the wet spots on my shirt extending from my arm pits, formed an oval about 1.5' in length :eek: I noticed it when I was done and heading home...


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Funny thing is, I'm not nervous at all. I know my credentials, what I can do, and what to expect. I'm just so anxious because I'm excited :)

Also, I wear Old Spice Red Zone all the time, no underarm sweat here :cool:


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Abstract thinking?

"Yes sir, we need to buy a new system, and some other things to make it watertight. We are going to fill it with Football player sweat! If it is good enough to cool them, it is good enough to cool a PC!!!"


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Knowing KC,

He's already setting up his family pictures on his new desk.

It's the desk beside the six-foot-tall bust of Muhammad Ali.


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