I'm Getting A New(Used) Car

What Car Do you think i Should buy?

  • VolksWagen Golf (gti hopefully or just the normal one)

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • Toyota Camry (most valued car in saudi arabia)

    Votes: 5 20.8%
  • Toyota Corrola

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bmw 318? (dont know about the used price)

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Audi A4(also dont know about the used price)

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • Other (please Specify)

    Votes: 2 8.3%

  • Total voters


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alright people today before i came back from dammam(the next city) my water problem acted up again and i had to fill the water resivoir up with like 2.5 liters of water when it was just full 20 mins ago! so my dad and i decided this isnt a good/safe car for me to drive around, so next month i should be getting a new(used) car i saw new cuz it will be new to me, but it will be used, somthing not to expensive decent. so i made this thread to get ur input on what i should get.


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i really want a volkswagen golf, they are very nice, sexy fast, and reliable, my friend bought a used one and i loved it. thats why i want it, what do u guys think of it, also i dont really know abou the bmw or the audi prices but i just threw them in there, i ganna go to the place in dammam called heraj, thats where all the cheap $$ cars are, not neccisarrly cuz they are in bad condition, and u do somtimes find good cars, but most of the time bmw and audi's are sold in the delearship so they get more $$ for it


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opps i forgot to add honda accord, its similar to the toyota camry, and i think is a lil more elegant, thats a very nice car, can a mod add it to the list? i cant figure out if i can or not
I've always had a soft spot for Camrys. They're big (which is good for a 1.88M guy like me) and classy, and have good maintenance track records. I can see why Saudi Arabia likes them so much!


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hey guys, i think i found the car i want to get ( i didnt acutally find the one, but i know which one i want) i want to get a 2004 used Hyundai tiburon, my friends have it and its one sexy car and i read reviews all over the net and they all praise it for handling and performance. my friend picked a 2004 2.0L one for about 9333 dollars with only around 3000 miles on it, what do u guys think of this car?


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rushm001 said:
Golf GTI. Just make sure you get one of those 1.8 Turbo's as the 2.0 litre ones are rubbish!
What didn't / don't you like about the 2.0 litre Golf.

I assume you have owned or at least driven both, like me, to be able to make such a definite statement.


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the hyundai is great man thats why! well as for the buy american, nope, not going that route, my impala ss is dying its constantly overheating, my dad got it another engine, and its still acting up, i dont know how much gas is in cuz the bober keeps chaning its mind, and also i dont like many american cars, i like the new caprices, like my dads, but those are built in austrialia so thats a different story, anyways yeah i think im getting the tiburon, the gti that they have here is only the vr6 one i think which is two doors and costs 50,000 sr i asked the dealership today ($13,333) so no i cant get that, and the tiburon is really nice, so thanks for ur advice guys its either the tiburon or the golf, i think it will be the tiburon, ill update u guys on what happens, btw why get a golf when everyone else has one? firstly not that many golfs driving around here, and even if they were, its one sexy sleek car, thats why :D


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the tiburon is not a bad car... the 6 cylinder version has slight weight distribution problems (affects handling v/s the 4) but it looks pretty good, and nice bang for the buck...

other than that the A4 and the golf GTi are good options to get...


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yeah sazar im probably ganna get the i4 version not the v6 cuz i dont want to make my dad pay more money, and i think the golf guy told me theres no gti's at the moment, so i will probably go down to the huge used car place called harraj, which has everything and look for golfs audi's or tiburons, u know the funny thing is, its only called tiburon in the states, everywhere else its called the hyundai coupe, but i like tiburon more than coupe so i call it tiburon


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Drew said:
What didn't / don't you like about the 2.0 litre Golf.

I assume you have owned or at least driven both, like me, to be able to make such a definite statement.
I mean the Mk4 2.0 litre is a 8 valve, 115bhp car. Hardly a "GTI". The 1.8 Turbos start at 150bhp which is more like a GTI should be.:)

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