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I'm bored

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...
If anyone is curious as to what i'm doing, you can click HERE and see what i'm up to(it's WebcamXP)... well sort of. i run my resolution at 1024x768 and the largest this will put out is 640x480, so it's small like whoa. i think you should be able to tell if i'm looking at porn. also, it takes up a ton of resources, so if i'm playing a game this is going to be turned off. another option would be to go download the RealVNC viewer and connect to and connect to with a password of bastard. Itll be a better picture, but i have remote keyboard/mousing turned off. :p so you can look, but not touch. Not that I'm horribly worried. "oooooooooooooh, someone formatted my harddrive."

oh well, these'll be running until i decide to turn in for the night

also, i can't seem to get the webcamxp page to display properly in Mozilla...working on that right now

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