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Illogical DVD-Rom Problems

Alright I simply can't work this thing out.
I've got an internal Sony DVD-Rom (DDU1621) and it's giving me more problems than I can care to imagine.

Basically in short what happens is- I put in a dvd or cd for that matter and after a few seconds windows appears to freeze (no responce to mouse). Then, after about 15 seconds windows begins responding to mouse movement but lags excessively whenever I do anything, even something as simple as typing or opening the start menu. After 30 seconds windows returns to normal, however the dvd icon is gone from "my computer" and the listing of the dvd-rom has completely dissappeared from device manager. The light on the dvd-rom stays on permanently until I restart and I also cannot eject the cd/dvd inside.

So, I then restart the computer, take out the cd, wait for it to boot, log in and once windows is up and running I put in a cd or dvd. This time it works fine. This process happens every time I want to use the dvd-rom -
insert cd, windows freezes and stuffes around, restart computer, insert cd, works.

Another interesting complication is that even after all that and I've got a cd working on the thing, if I take it out and put in a different cd it will stuff windows up again and I have to restart to get it working again.

I seriously cannot work out why it is doing it. I don't really think that the dvd-rom is stuffed or anything but it's now done it on two computers, working successfully for many weeks and then suddenly doing this all the time. If you guys can think of any reason it may be doing this... your help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using WinXP SP1 and I don't even have easy cd creator or nero installed at the moment , and it was doing it before I installed Power DVD and Exact Audio Copy so you can't blame it on any of them.

Please, any help really appreciated,

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
You may need to flash your Dvd burner's rom to an up-to-date firmware.
Why I say this ? I know that Sony released an updated firmware for one of its Dvd burners (don't remember what model...) so that the burner can now write at 4x speed instead of 2.4x previously !

Hope this helps ! ;)

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