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if you lost voice recognition on your tomtom

Perris Calderon

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seems the newest version of the firmware inadvertently destroys your voice recognition

tomtom is working on a fix but in the mean time this gets the feature back on most units;
first download the version that reads 7.221 from this site

it's a zip, unpack it to wherever you'll know what to open, open that file, double click ASR file, hit the control button plus a at the same time at the same time, then hit control the c button (in other words, copy all)

open the same file on your tomtom unit, find that file by connecting the tomtom and exploring the tomtom drive you'll see in "my computer"

open the ars file, hit "control+a" hit "control+v", (in other words, paste all), hit "Yes" to overwrite all files as the prompt pops up, there should be a check box so you don't have to keep hitting yes

oh, copy the original ars folder from the tomtom and put it somewhere you won't forget incase this fix bricks the unit, which it hasn't for anyone but you can never be too carefull

that should do the trick and you should be able to keep the latest firmware and fix your voice recognition, this might even work on tomtoms that don't have voice recognition if you create the ars folder and copy all these files, I think you can get the 720 to have vr but it's probably too slow hardware for voice recognition to be usefull

backing up to the previous firmware doesn't restore the voice recognition and so far this is the only thing that works, though it won't work for everyone
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