If you had one bullet ...



If you had one bullet and you could kill one persone of choice, without any consequences or negative things related to it, who would it be?
chose wisely, as you first use your heart to decide, try to have your brain @ the right place to...
I don't dislike or hate anyone that much, not even my ex.
Nope. By my taking that 1 bullet and killing Bin Laden or anyone, it just shows that I'm as much a low life as he/they are; that I have no regard for life.
Read everything girly :) There are NO consequences, no one will judge you for your deeds, no one will ever know it, it will just happen & the person will vanish into tin air, so don't worry about being as low as he would be, only your consience would know that, every other single person in the world would have no single clue of what you have done ...

I sound like a freak, don't I ? :)
If it may calm you, I'm a nice paciffic person in love, addicted to pc's & likes to smoke a joint once in a while :)

so no killing for me around, only hypothetical speaking :)
I would know! I know this is a theoretical questions and we could probably debate it all day, I stand behind my original answer...I wouldn't kill anyone with that 1 bullet.
Even if no one but myself knew about it, I would know and couldn't live with the fact that I had taken someones life simply because I could.

Now if my life were in danger or that of my family, that's a different story, that bullet would go right between the eyes :)
Originally posted by Jewelzz
Now if my life were in danger or that of my family, that's a different story, that bullet would go right between the eyes :)

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! (not shouting - just for emphasis)

"You mess with my family and I promise you will make my day! "
Hi; Jewelzz you are so right about taking a life because you will live with it, the rest of your life and it won't go away.So love life because we only have one to live.....:)
if I had one bullet I'd kill my neighbors car...cause it's on it's last legs and he just won't accept it heh
This person SEVEN sounds like another person thats posted odd "Questions" to this forum. I smell "setup". :) But... O.K. SEVEN who would YOU shot? Eh?

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