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If You Are Running SP2

Perris Calderon

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could you tell me please what issues you've come across or heard about, and what the solution was.

also, how do you like it?

have you noticed any slow downs in the os or speed improvements anywher?

what about the internet...any slow down aurfing or downloads?

how is the firewall?...in, out traffic...have you done a security test?

and anything else you think we need to know before the final release

thanx in advance

btw, here's the latest info

when this article becomes obsolete, or more current info is available, all mods are welcome to edit the link


Okay all I know is that the last two builds seriously interfere with your own firewalls.
Also gives aol a slight d/s problem.

Has this problem with 'init packet not sent' so logs you off the net. Did not happen before sp2 but happens when installed. I did send this to m$ but if you would tell them also then maybe they might listen.


In the beginning......
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Nothing too major here with me, but I have it installed on a secondary computer with connects through a main pc conected to the internet with a firewall, but is runing SP1.


if you instal this public rc2, will it have too be uninstalled before installing the "final" ?

or will it just update the rc2 files when final comes?

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