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If woman were browsers

Dark Atheist

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If you meet Firefox, it's all you can think about. She just puts to much stuff in your memory! Even though she may drive you crazy, men find it hard to dump Mrs. Firefox. It's not because of herself, it's more because of the stuff she gets from that huge bunch of her admirers. All those gadgets you can use anytime while dating her makes your life so much easier. Oh, if only other women were so open for gifts ...


Slim, sexy and tough, she'll be just for you if you're into that kind of women. She's really good in the bedroom, you'll enjoy her performance. She won't let you inside though, so full satisfaction is not guaranteed.


She's a hottie. You feel really cool being with her. However there's something you might find frustrating about her. She brings her iFriends with her without asking you when you invite her home.


Stripped down and light, but almost missing some of the parts that make it complete.

Internet Explorer

For most, she's the first woman they tried. She's really easy, but can get you infected.
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Re: If woman were browers

"She won't let you inside though, so full satisfaction is not guaranteed" - Well, you know, there are other ways :D


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Re: If woman were browers

Ingenious. Did you make that up, no, invent that, by yourself? :laugh:
It sounds too innocuous to the innocent one though.... XDDD


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Anyone interested in a "If men were browsers" topic? Not all of us here are men you know :laugh:
Them iFriends are genius XD

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