if i fully reinstall xp..



and by that i mean not just an upgrade, will i lose anything other than whats in /windows ?

That depends on what you tell the installation to do. If you tell it to format, partition and bring you a cup of coffee, then yeah, you'll lose all that stuff. What is it telling you will happen? I believe you can perform a "new" installation vs a repair install and it will keep all your stuff for you. BUT, if you get a cup of coffee instead, don't blame me :p
I tried to reinstall windows xp , but because i have two partitions i now have 2 OS on my computer , both windows XP , if you want to reinstall your windows xp , just choose repair mode , it 'll save you a lot of problems
are you sure? :confused:

repair install actually screwed everything over for me...

it screwed up the page file, and it couldn't be fixed...had to do clean install...

couldn't even back anything up. page file too low. bad performance and couldn't run anything :(
it's supposed to make the system in the same state as when the backup was made so i think it should work. Just choose the earliest repair-point there is. Just copy your important files to the other disk and you'll be fine.

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