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If ever there was a reason to buy a Mac...


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Macs for creative things, PCs for spreadsheets. Right? :p

Pixelmator will supposedly cost less than $100... I think somewhere around $60, actually. I'm looking forward to its release and I hope there's a demo version.


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i don't think it will wound photoshop, let alone kill it. really another gimp, lightzone or pixel, but with a flashy (and admittedly nice) composited ui.

don't get me wrong, an avid compiz user here, but transparency and animations don't increase productivity. the pro's will stick with photoshop, but this will appeal to end users.
I don't know. some of the stuff I saw in that video ability wise blow photoshop clean away :)

Photoshops smart select isn't that smart :)


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Photoshops smart select isn't that smart
it's an advertisement video, i'd take a not-so-wild guess the images were hand picked and known to work well with those transformations, if not "prepared" earlier ;)

professionals don't use "magic wand" tools for photographs anyhow :)
Whats so special? It looks just like photoshop. Not to mention Windows has a nifty free program called "paint.net" it has most of those features, for free.

I already have a Mac, and paint.net is not going to send me back to Windows any time soon ;)

@vertigo: We'll get some better reviews coming out soon now that the App is being beta tested though there might be NDA issues with that but give it a couple months and we might have something quite exciting on our hands. Also while I reckon it won't hit Photoshop too much in the high-end market where people have money to burn at the lower ends it might do very well. Especially with groups like students where if they are trying to be legal a Photoshop licence costs them £300 rather than £30 for PixelMator. If someone isnt a student then its £500 rather than £30. Either way you go thats a lot of beer money ;)

Also PixelMator is cheaper than LightZone and is more Mac-like than Pixel
waiting patiently for gimp's UI overhaul (and it looks rather nice so far). compiz should take care of the rest :D

LightZone is free for linux, btw. looks nice and has all the functionality, but written in java.


major improvement, i think

That does look pretty good, X11 is really the only problem I have with it but there is a OS X Native GTK+ project underway which would make it a much more enticing options.

If LightZone is Java then they could make it slightly more Mac like by putting the File,Edit,View toolbar in the right place. I know its possible cause I have managed to do it, but Java won't do it automatically. In my mind Java's UI to be "cross platform" it should adhere to "way things are done" on the platforms, but I can understand why that would be a minefield for development and Java Swing is painful enough.

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