if anyone can answer this as quickly as possible...


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im kind of in a hurry cuz i really really wanna buy some speakers today
im planning to buy new speakers and i dont have an advanced sound card as you can see by my specs. anyways, i could buy these speakers


but im not sure if they can be plugged into the little green speaker output on the back of my mobo.

if they cant be plugged in, whats the maximum number of speakers i can have plugged in without haveing to buy a new soundcard?

thx, Apu

PS: anyone have any recommendations for speakers? (cant be higher than $80 cdn or $60 us)


well i dont know abou those speakers but i have the 641's here (for review) and the leads for the satellites go into the back of the sub which then has the green plug coming out of the sub into the sound card. not sure if they all do that though

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You can plug any speakers you want into any sound card if they have a good amp (all the PC speakers come with a build in amp) . you can also just buy a regular amplifier and speakers to it and plug the amp into the sound card.


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hey, you can still get that 4.1 system if you want. sound will still come out of all 4 speakers, but it will still only be 2 channels, of course. this is in the pdf manual for those speakers:



I paid $40 for those speakers, plus I bought a creative sound blaster (mp3+gamer) for $25 at a computer show. Theres no way im hell I would recomend you to spend $60 for them. If you do buy them you should get the sound card it makes a huge difference. The subwoofer also gives you the option to choose from stereo to game. Stereo allows only 2 channels of sound and game gives you 4. If you want to take advantage of the game settings then get a sound card.

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