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iexpore.exe Error


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I am having accessing a Web Site. When I go to the site, I can pull it up with no problem or hesitation. Less than 10 seconds into it, I get a pop up box in the middle of the screen that says:
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.

When I click on the error report, it starts out as:

Error Signature: App Name: iexpore.exe
App version: 6.0.2900.2180

Then there are hundreds of lines of various technical jargon too long to print or write down.

I have never had this problem with any other web site.

Any thoughts on how to get through this error. I know the site has a java drop down tool bar, would that have anything to do with the error?



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Didn't happen to me. Please provide more details. What version of Internet Explorer on what operating system?


OSNN One Post Wonder
I don't have that information. I am the web designer of the website and a resident of the county is trying to access the site. The is the only information she provided. I emailed her requesting more and haven't heard from her yet.

This is the first time I have heard this complaint. I am guessing it is a browser issue, but not sure since it is only on this site she is experiencing problems.


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For your information I am running IE 6.0 SP2 (XP Professional). I also accessed the site using IE 6.0 SP1 (2000 Professional) and had no issues.

I would be willing to bet that this person's PC has something wrong with it. Nothing with your design or code is a problem.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks. I hope she will give me the entire error to trouble shoot from. I am looking on another site and found others that were having the same problem. Turned out to be Malware.

Still researching because I am not sure if she told me the correct error. If it is iexpore.exe or iexplore.exe.

Thanks for your thoughts. Hope to get the error report soon.

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