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IE6 Web Addresses Autocomplete!!!



Hi, sorry I know there have been similar threads about this problem already. But I still can't find a solution and some ppl from #xperience suggested that I post this matter here.

Some URLs in IE6 don't clear away!! All ways don't work!
eg: When I type 'y' in the address bar, 'www.yahoo.com' automatically appears.
eg: When I do a 'yahoo' search in IE's history, 'Yahoo!' comes out. But when I try to delete it, it just stays and won't go away.

I've tried:
Clear history
Set 'Days to keep pages in history' to 0 or 1 (suggested by some ppl)
Clear lists in taskbar properties (suggested also)
Turn off Autocomplete
Clear forms and passwords
Delete files in /local settings/history folder
Delete cookies
Delete temp internet files, disk cleanup, scandisk, defrag
Delete entries other than 'Default' in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs registry.
Tried some anti-spyware apps.

Can anyone help? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It's not a big matter, but it's very irritating. And I'm really wondering why this happens!

ps: No, i'm not trying to get rid of porn URLs.


Sorry, but I need to bring back this topic up because most ppl only check out new topics that are posted.

Can anyone help?


Just to make sure, you did uncheck both autocomplete options under 'contents' and under 'advanced'? Did you look if there are entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs ?


You can give this a try. Right click on Start button. Select Properties. Make sure the Start Menu is what you are looking at. Click Customize. The last option on that screen is to clear. That clear should clear all histories. Docs and Web Pages. Give it a shot.


yoyo, yes I did uncheck Autocomplete under both Content and Advanced. And I can only find TypedURLs under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. :(

jwible, yes I tried that too.

Gonna try system mechanic as XP Abuser suggested. But I doubt it'll work.

Someone HELP PLEASE?!?! Will be most grateful...

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