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IE6 reports it is IE4 if I try Service pack!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hope this is not a needless thread - but colleague says he has seen this problem and it required a complete rebuild.

I am running XP Home and it came preinstalled with IE of course and with the install in a disc partition (the NEC way *sigh*) I am not clear if I back that partition up to CD if it even means I can do an XP re-install.....

HOWEVER - I do have IE6 on another CD... so can I uninstall it as a windoze component and re-install, and if I do will that fix the problem?

Any comments appreciated - I do not think I will ever buy and ex-display m/c again without assurance I get to have an OOBE!
Well, I don't think that is possible, since many of the components used for IE are intergrated in the Windows system. Even with the new Service Pack, where you can 'remove' IE from your system, it ain't possible, because it only removes the links to IE, not IE itself. If you put in the CD with IE on it and start up the install, is there a 'Repair' or 'Re-Install' option you can choose from? In that case you can try it, although I'm not so sure.

Hope this helps.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
not quite...

Thanks guys - sometimes the obvious DOES work.... don't know why I didn't thing of it myself - duh!

Only problems is after trying this (which reinstalls OK as version 6) maintenance patche ref. Q31367560 is STILL telling me "Requires Internet Explorer version 6 to be installed. Maybe MS do not want us to have this service pack! Anyone else had this xperience?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK guys - confession time!

I discovered the SP link I was taking was for XP pro and I am on Xp home....

Nice of Bill and the guys to make the message helpful though, huh?! ;)

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