IE6 Crash and BURN!!!



Any help would be appreciated:

IE6 is locking up solid!! Cannot cntrl-alt-del to shut it down. Mouse is hung, no keyboard responce. I have to power down to and reboot (pull the plug). I let the system sit for a while but to no avail. This has happened 7 times in the last day. Number 7 was while typing this post the first time. (I swear XP is screwing with me!!)

Worse yet, when I reboot the system goes along like nothing happened! No scan disk, no message about windows recovering from a serious error....nothing. It just starts again and has not kept any changes that I might have made during the session like an installed piece of hardware.

Background: This is a FRESH install of XP on a machine that was running fine on an upgrade of XP from ME. That was little buggy but NEVER locked up. I did this fresh install yesterday in the am. I started fresh by booting from the CD, formating C:\, chose NTFS and gave XP its own 10 gig partion. Then, after the install, all programs have been re-installed one by one on a different 10 gig partition. Everything works fine but this one issue.

Any help, thoughts, ideas?

System: Gateway AMD 1.2 GHz, 768 mb RAM, 2 ata100 hardrives 20 and 60 gigs, Flat panel with an ATI 64 meg Raedon 7000 VE, CDR, DVD.


2 Dec 2001
Are you running all the newest drivers for your devices (ATI, etc)? Check your event viewer logs and see if they're able to catch anything, also, go to control panel> System> 'advanced' tab> Startup and Recovery 'settings' button - untick 'automatically restart,' hopefully you'll get a blue screen one of these times with an error code and possibly other identifiers. I'm going to take a guess that it has something to do with your ATI card - make sure those drivers/programs are up-to-date.

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