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1 Jun 2005
I have a problem with my allow/disallow question I get on sites latly with my laptop. I'm still using IE 6 (not sure if I can trust going into IE7 just yet), and no matter what, if it tells me about the if I can trust the site and if I can allow it, it never leaves that question. I can push it many times and it won't work. The best example I can give is going to my gamerbio link:

Go down to the music section andif you have the question pop up, that is what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance.
I'm a bit confused, can you post a screenshot please?
The attachment below is what you requested. What I was talking about was the Allow or Deny button. IE is shutting down for no reason alot. It was working 5 minutes ago and now it doesn't work anymore. If I keep clicking allow, it won't do an allow or deny.


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go to add/remove and remove "adobe flash player activeX" and "Macromedia flash player 8" if you have it, then remove "Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0", also if you have it.

restart your machine, then go to: to download the lastest flash player, once that is installed go to windows updates and re-download the Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0.

Restart your comp again and now try and use the flash sites. that should fix it, if not there is one more step, but do that first.
I think it is they way that site is implementing the flash player.

Happens to me on his site and here as well but no other site:

Edit: The Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack comes with media player 11 and as far as I know is not available as a separate download.
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yeap it is, if you remove it, update will allow you to redownload, only reason, i suggested all that, is becauses i had a similar issue, and that resolved it.
Just like you all to know that it works now. Thanks!
zap, how did you get it to work?
I did the way you showed me Lancer but without the Framework feature pack. I have WMP9 on my computer. Anyway, it didn't even occur to me to use that method of getting it fixed. It works on EVERY flash site I go to now.
I still think it was just a problem with the player. Reason I say that is the player was messed up for me too on and but now it works fine. Nothing on my machine has changed since the last time I tried those sites so it must be something on the player has changed. Profiletweaks provide the player so they must have found what the problem was and fixed it.

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