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IE6.0 slows to a crawl

This is a strange problem that has emerged over the last few weeks. Whenever I use IE6 it works normally for the first few web sites I access but after that it will slow to a crawl.

The first sign of trouble is that a web page will take ages to load and from that point onwards it is like watching paint dry! If I click on the stop button IE6 takes no notice and sometimes will freeze completely. If I close down IE6 and restart it again the problem still remains. All other programs work okay and my other web browser (Mozilla) is not affected which suggests this is primarily an IE6 problem.

While all this is going on I noticed that my dial-up connection is active at both ends even after IE6 is closed down. However Zone Alarm reports no program trying to access the net in the background. I have scanned my system with several security programs for a virus or trojan but everything reports clear. WinXP starts up and performs normally and there is nothing obvious to explain why this is happening.

Any idea what the problem is and/or how to fix it?

Thanks, Alan
Thanks. I have just applied the fix so lets hope it works!

I've used a few different programs that clean up temporary internet files so this may be the cause of the problem as indicated in the article. I don't want to stop using IE6 as it is probably the best browser currently available. Mozilla is okay but IE6 does provide more control over security an privacy settings.



oh pffttt

u know i was gonna click this link hippy... IE6 slows =)

Just continue using mozilla


go download the prefbar from there and you can disable Popups, javascript, cookies whatever the hell you want (even make Mozilla tell sites that its IE so that IE only sites can go die) on the fly.


I had\have that problem either and trid the second fix...not sur if it works or not but in any case thanx...

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